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    Last updated 3 years ago

    We hope you have found our recent posts about sofa beds and custom furniture helpful and informative. To learn even more about furnishing your home, check out the resources below. And don’t forget that Carlyle Custom Convertibles is here for your next furniture purchase. Just call us at (888) 636-0479.

    • If part of the reason you are interested in a sofa bed is a small living space, then you may find this article useful.
    • If you are going to buy furniture, then you may as well make it quality furniture. This article tells you how to determine whether a piece of furniture is well made or not.
    • If you are looking for other ways you can customize your décor, then check out these crafty tips.
    • For more information about caring for your sofa, check out this article.

    Signs that a Sofa Bed is Exactly What Your Home Needs | Carlyle Custom Convertibles NY

    Last updated 3 years ago

    If you are furnishing or refurnishing your home, then you may be considering the need for a custom sofa bed. Tri-State and New York residents who own sofa beds appreciate the flexibility they provide while preserving the décor and layout of a room. If you haven’t quite made the decision between a regular custom sofa and a custom sofa bed in your home, then here are some points that may help your decision.

    • If you have out of town family members, then you may want a custom sofa bed. Families that have the ability to create additional bedding in an instant can invite out of town family members over without worrying about where everybody is going to sleep—there will always be an extra bed in the house.
    • If you don’t have extra bedrooms or a guest room, then you may need a custom sofa bed. This can be particularly helpful if you have friends or family who want to visit your home but you don’t have the square footage to provide them with their own room. Purchasing a sofa bed says that you still want to have them stay the night, even if your home is small.
    • If you like to be prepared for anything, then you may need a custom sofa bed. Families love the freedom their sofa beds give them in a pinch. If you’ve had a party and it is too late for someone to drive home, then just fold out the bed and they can wait until morning to depart. If time gets away from you and an old friend while you were catching up, then no problem: Just have them stay the night!

    Custom sofa beds in the Tri-State area really can make your life a lot easier. At Carlyle Custom Convertibles, we can get you any sofa bed in virtually any design you like. Visit our website or give us a call at (888) 636-0479 for more information.

    Housekeeping Tips: How to Clean Your Sofa Cushions

    Last updated 3 years ago

    When you own a custom sofa, it is important to provide the maintenance and upkeep that will keep them beautiful for years. After all, why invest in custom furniture only for them to succumb to dirt and staining a few months later?

    In this video, we get tips on the best ways to clean your sofa cushions. Learn when it is appropriate to spot clean, as well as when you may want to do some more intense cleaning.

    And if you are in the market for custom sofas in the Tri-State area, then visit us at Carlyle Custom Convertibles. We custom make every piece of furniture ordered, so you know you’ll be getting exactly what you want. Give us a call at (888) 636-0479.

    Top Reasons to Have Custom Furniture Created | Carlyle Custom Convertibles

    Last updated 3 years ago

    With the state of the economy and prices being what they are these days, you may wonder why anyone would be interested in custom furniture. The fact is, however, that there are many excellent reasons to invest in custom sofas in the Tri-State area. Additionally, you may find that purchasing custom sofas in Tri-State New York is more affordable than you thought. Here are some of the top reasons for getting custom furniture created:

    • The department store doesn’t have much to offer. If you aren’t too concerned about making your home truly yours, then this may not be a huge deal to you. On the other hand, if there is a vision of your home you have in your mind, then the chances of finding something in traditional furniture stores that match that vision are fairly slim. Why settle for something that is “close” to what you want when you can get exactly what you want with a custom sofa, Tri-State made.
    • You want a long-term investment. The quality of most mass-produced furniture leaves something to be desired. If you get 5 or 10 years out of your furniture, then you can consider yourself lucky. Custom sofas, however, offer superior quality to anything you’ll find anywhere else.
    • You like the look of antique, but not necessarily the price of it. Custom sofas give Tri-State residents the option to furnish their home with an antiquated feel without paying for the real thing. And, since it’s been established that custom furniture is typically of very good quality, you won’t run into the problems normally experienced when you buy cheap antique replicas.

    At Carlyle Custom Convertibles, we know how important having the option for custom sofas is for Tri-State residents. We also believe in the importance of quality items that are made to order. Swing by our website to see the many styles of sofas we have available for customization or give us a call at (888) 636-0479.

    Carlyle Custom Convertibles Has Officially Gone Social! (888) 636-0479

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Carlyle Custom Convertibles of New York and New Jersey has officially gone social! Check out this page and others for everything you need to know about building custom sofa beds from the ground up!

    Be sure to follow us on Twitter and become Fans of Carlyle Custom Convertibles on Facebook for exclusive information coming soon!

    Are you in the market for a new sofa bed, sectional, or wanting to refinish your old furntiure pieces? Then Carlyle Custom Convertibles has everything you need to make those finishing touches to your living space. For more information on our services, click here or call us today at (888) 636-0479!

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